OISC Hardware: DC Supply and Clock Generator

Written 2009-10-24

Tags:Breadboard Integrated circuit Clock generator 555 timer IC Solder 

Although this is nothing special, and likely won't drive the final project, I took some pictures anyways just to keep the documentation complete.


It contains:

  • 78T05 CT 3A Regulator
  • 2x 25V, 3300uF regulation caps( one input, one output)
  • 1 555 Timer as a clock generator producing 9.346 kHz.
  • 1 fairly sketchy capacitor of unknown capacitance and age.
  • 2 47kOhm 20% Precision
  • 4x1 Header for power input( DC+, GND, GND, DC+ )
  • 2x( 3x1 Headers) for output ( Ground, Clock, Power )
  • 12-611B Datek 21-110 CIC ( Small Solder Protoboard)
  • Two pennies. By the way, if you use older, copper pennies, instead of these zinc ones I happened to have in my pocket, you'll get way better heat dissipation. Whatever you do, don't use steel pennies.

Side Profile Shot:


On second thought, maybe those caps are just a little overkill.