Astaro AP30 Teardown

Written 2010-12-23

Tags:AP30 WiFi Access Point CCCKC Astaro 

I was given access to an Astaro AP30 access point.

So I took it apart.
AP30 with Top Removed

Also, the serial port appears to speak 56K @ 3.3Volts.

Good grief. The antennas are glued down. At least they used a standard coax connector, U.FL.
U.FL Antennas

Also, the CPU has a heatsink! A heatsink for a microcontroller.

Here's what the serial port says on powerup:
ASIC 3052_MP2 (Port5<->None)
Product Name: EAP9550
SDRAM CAS = 3(d1835272)

Please choose the operation:
   1: Load system code to SDRAM via TFTP.

You choosed trigger_button--->0x1