Attaching a Console Cable to the Samsung/Verizon SCS-26UC4

Written 2010-12-03

Tags:Serial port Cable HDMI Samsung Verizon FTDI SCS-26UC4 Electronics 

You may have noticed that the SCS-26UC4 has what appears to be an HDMI port. However, if you have a meter, you may have also noticed that the HDMI port doesn't follow the HDMI specification - it has a 3.3 volt power line instead of a 5 volt line. Curiouser and curiouser, many of the other pins are not connected properly either for an HDMI port. It turns out, that this HDMI connector is actually a 3.3 volt asynchronous Linux console port.
Assuming you used a standard HDMI cable from Wal-Mart and a 3.3Volt FTDI serial adapter, make the following connections:

  1. HDMI bare copper ground to FTDI Black(Ground)
  2. HDMI White to FTDI Yellow (RX to computer)
  3. HDMI Orange to FTDI Orange(TX from computer)
Now configure your terminal to 57600 baud, no flow control, and tada: