Toshiba T135D

Written 2010-02-13

Tags:Universal Serial Bus Toshiba Laptop HP Mini 311 Linux 

Now that I've had this machine for a few weeks, I'm pretty happy with it. The battery lasts several hours when running Visual Studio 2008.

The good:
  • Automatically underclocked CPUs.
  • Discrete video card (shared ram though)
  • Virtualization and 64 bit support
  • Good screen quality, and LED backlight.
  • Built-in accelerometer.
The bad:
  • The frame isn't actually square, meaning that when I set it on a table, the front right corner doesn't touch.
  • The frame is pretty flimsy - when setting on above mentioned table, the weight of my palms is enough to bend it down.
  • The keyboard isn't flat. Near the 'Y' key, the keyboard has a bulge of 2-3 keys in any direction.
  • The keyboard is squishy. Even after making a full keystroke, the keyboard continues to depress.
  • The screen is very light, but now the screen is so light the individual keystrokes cause it to bounce back and forth.
  • Linux support, as of Ubuntu 9.04, doesn't support either of the networking interfaces.
  • This thing gets pretty hot, and the fan runs quite a bit.
Although the line 'Toshiba Media Controller. Copy protection technology, if any, associated with the content may prevent or limit sharing of content.', does worry me, it's nothing compared to the USB whitelists/blacklists of the HP Mini 311.