DeWalt DC9096 Battery Pack Teardown

Written 2011-01-11

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DeWalt makes some nice tools. Today, I disassembled a DC9096 Nickel-Cadmium battery. I was intrigued by the fact that there only appears to be space for 14 sub-c cells in the battery, but 15 cells are needed to reach 18 volts. Also, I wanted to examine the possibility of replacing the NiCad cells with NiMH cells, which can last much longer.
Ready to Open

Remove these six screws
Six Screws

It should come out fairly easily, but some wiggling may be required

It doesn't add up. 14*1.2 = 16.8, not 18 Volts. There must be another cell
But there's only 14

What's this?
But What's This?

Here it is. There didn't seem to be a good way to remove the other cells, so I cut them, and pulled the ribbon wire from the 15th cell. These appear to be welded on to the cell four times at each connection.
The 15th Cell

  • Front pin (left in this image) goes to the white line in the pack.
  • Center in goes to the thermocouple ( not pictured )
  • Rear pin (right in this image) goes to the 15th battery cell.
Power Connector