How to Visit 4 HackerSpaces and have an Awesome Weekend

Written 2011-07-04

Tags:Madison Chicago Ames Makerspace QC-Colab Sector67 Pumping Station: One Des Moines Olathe Ames Davenport 

  1. Start in Chicago. I handled this by booking it from Olathe, KS to Chicago, IL on a late Friday night to avoid traffic. This gave me an early start in Chicago.
  2. Visit Pumping Station One. Watch Sacha make guitar picks from and old motherboard after removing all the chips. Leave a note on how to control the cricut with open source software. Buy cologne from Sacha's company.
  3. Drive to Madison, WI.
  4. Have a sandwich and salad at the Green Owl Cafe. Top notch.
  5. Watch Rhythm and Booms:a fireworks, laserlight, and music show. FM radio transmits the music to crowds of people all over the city. By far the best firework show I've ever seen. I sat with well over a thousand people on a hillside watching the reflections in Lake Mendota.
  6. Crash with Chris and Heather.
  7. Visit Sector67, Madison's HackerSpace
    View from the attic
  8. Go sailing at Hoofer's with Chris, Heather, Will, and friends.
  9. Start driving to Davenport, stop in Dubuque.
  10. Find a perfectly good steam-powered dredge ship and river museum.
  11. Photograph a catfish and a sturgeon
    IAMA: Sturgeon
  12. Drive to Davenport, IA.
  13. Visit Quad-Cities Colab This is a hackerspace built next to a technical school. Photograph making a computer-controlled lighting setup. They used a vacuum former to build housings for the lights.
    Group Photo
  14. Drive to Des Moines, IA
  15. Realize that Ray doesn't live in Des Moines, he lives in Urbandale, IA. Photograph Des Moines Tron building instead.
    Tron Building
  16. Crash at Ray's.
  17. Go see three of the five largest towers in Iowa (they're all more than 1/3 mile tall), and photograph two of them: WOI and KCCI. Tower Elkhart was in the distance.
    Iowa Antenna Adventure
  18. Go see Ames, IA MakerSpace. Check on the space's brew and figure out how to calibrate 3 lens CRT projector.
    Ames MakerSpace
  19. Find a bar Ray saw on T.V., which is closed, and instead eat at Mullet's.
  20. Pass by Rocket Transfer Station
    Rocket Transfer Warehouse
  21. Visit BeerCrazy, which was closed, but it looks awesome. Combination specialty beer store and brewshop. Ray gets ingredients here
    Beer Crazy
  22. Drive home to Olathe, KS
  23. Go blog about it.