DefCon, with Penn and Teller

Written 2011-08-28

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As a preface, I usually don't post out-of-order from the order my pictures are taken in. That said I'm running behind.

At the last night of DefCon, some fellow I didn't really know at all that we were talking with said he had half-price tickets to the Penn and Teller show. It turns out that he didn't, but we were able to strike a deal with the ticket seller, because the guy I didn't know had his 60d Canon, I had a 20d Canon, and the ticket seller was also a photographer.

The show was pretty slick, and better in person than I expected. One of the people they took onstage was a young lady from toool.

After the show, Penn and Teller stuck around for photos. Well, here we all are:

Meeting Penn

Meeting Teller