3rd Party Canon Remote Shutter Teardown

Written 2011-09-22

Tags:Remote dSLR Canon SLR 20d Remote Shutter 

So, we all know you can shove a screwdriver into a Canon 20d to make it take pictures. Eventually I want to build a 555 timer based time-lapse controller. However, I ned a cable with Canon's connector on the end. Originals from Canon cost cash money, but full remotes from China cost ~$4. So I bought 2 and took one apart.

The Remote

Pull the two screws. One is hidden under the sticker
Pull these screw

TaDa! The switch consists of three pieces of metal. I've also cut the wires for later use.
The Innards

So, eventually I want to attach a timer to that extra wire. It will consist of a 555 timer and some pots so that I can adjust the timings.