Poking around an Ademco RapidEye Multi

Written 2011-09-25

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The Ademco RapidEye Multi is a small CCTV DVR, serving the same purpose as the Pelco. As it turns out, this hardware is quite different from Pelco's. The Ademco uses a Pentium-I desktop, wrapped with a custom housing and interface boards.
What's this?
Warranty Void

The unit is also running Wind River VxWorks. Since we all know a Pentium cannot simultaneously compress 8 different video streams, this card contains the extra horsepower. It also has a small wire running to the motherboard's reset line.
PCI Video I/O Card

The unit also has a modem and two serial ports. If you attach a cable to the second port, you can interrupt the boot sequence to change settings like the IP address. Use 8-N-1, 9600 baud. You'll need to press enter quickly to block the boot-up sequence. Here's an example capture:
?                     This command list
q                     Quit; Start Application; Run OS shell on console
cls                   Clear Screen
ver                   Display Product Version
show                  Show all parameter values
=        Set LAN parameter, e.g.,
                       'ip ='
                       'gateway ='
                       'netmask ='
                      Set PPP parameter, e.g.,
                       'local ='
                       'host ='
                       'comport = port1'
                        (options are 'none', 'port1', 'port2', or 'internal')
                       'timeout = 60'
                        (timeout may be between 0 and 999 seconds)
                       'baudrate = 9600'
                        (options are 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200)
                       'modem prefix = at'
                       'modem init = z'
                       'modem dial = D'
recover               Recover system to the previous version.

Enter a command, or '?' for help:

Rapid Eye MULTI
Configuration Shell
Version 3.2

Copyright 1999-2000, Ademco

Enter a command, or '?' for help:

Current LAN Settings:
  ip       =
  gateway  =
  netmask  =
Current PPP Settings:
  local    =
  host     =
  comport  = internal
  timeout  = 60
  baudrate = 115200
  modem prefix = AT
  modem init   = Z
  modem dial   = D

Enter a command, or '?' for help:

Configuration Shell Stopped...
Attached TCP/IP interface to eeE

I also imaged the disk. The disk is split into two partitions. The first is a 2GB FAT containing VxWorks. The second is a partition listed as 'free space', but actually holds the video data. Here's the file list:
More photos are available here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40925843@N03/sets/72157627615155249/