Atari Flashback Controller Pinout and Frame

Written 2012-01-07

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The previously disassembled Atari Flashback Controller has 5 important pins inside. When looking straight into the connector::
  • OUT(Orange,Top row, near right)
  • SCK(White,Top row, near left)
  • DO(Yellow,Top row, center)
  • GND(Black,Bottom row, near left
  • 5V(Red,Bottom row, near right)
  • and 4 grey lines, two of which appear to be open, two are connected to each other, none of which hit the connector.
Rear PCB

The data comes out of the OUT pin, and the bits are clocked by the SCK pin. The bitword(OUT pin), from 1 at t=0, goes:
  1. Left Button
  2. Right Button
  3. Select
  4. Pause
  5. Up Stick
  6. Down Stick
  7. Left Stick
  8. Right Stick
These are active low, meaning pushing the button makes the corresponding bit go from a one to a zero. I'd like to maybe make an arduino library for Pickin Duino