Written 2012-09-30


This is a simple blogging platform I wrote to replace my dependence on Movable Type. I suppose it will require me to actually learn some css/html.

Previously I tried updating my Movable Type install, but that wouldn't work.

So I tried installing the new version and uploading the backup to it. But that didn't work.

Next I tried a clean install of the old version, uploading the backup, and upgrading. But that didn't work

Finally I looked at the documentation online, but it was plastered with spam comments.

I really don't like being unable to get my data back in a nice parsable format.

So that's how this started. Blagr uses a simple plain-text format, one file per post. Blagr really isn't a blog or blog-engine by itself - it is only a transfer format. You can see the source to all my posts in the blog/input directory.

The format is quite simple - there are two parts, header and body, as well as a seperator between them: --- , that's three dashes in a row on one line. The header itself is a list of key-value pairs. Each line in the header has the key, then a colon, then the value. So you want to tag a post with pickles? Add Tag:Pickles to the header. The post body is XHMTL

The blog you are reading right now is statically compiled by a small python program that only knows how to read .blagr files, sort them, and output html.