Inside the IT-24 Antenna Analyzer

Written 2014-03-14

Tags:Ham Radio Antenna IT-24 WiFi HSMM RigExpert 


RigExpert makes an affordable 2.4GHz analyzer. In an earlier post I documented the image transfer protocol. Today I take it apart.

First Remove the Six Screws From the Rear of the Unit

Pop Off the Rear Case

Remove Four More Screws to Free PCB

Flip PCB into Rear Case to See Front of PCB


Although RigExpert hasn't yet published repair diagrams or schematics for the IT-24, the design seems fairly simple and easy to repair. The main sections are RF(back of PCB near top), display(front of PCB near top), power(front of PCB near bottom), and digital/micro(back of PCB near bottom). There's a JTAG header to the ATMEGA128A, and except for the micro and FTDI converter, the other components are large enough to be manipulated with an iron. It would've been nice if the battery pack were attached with a connector instead of soldering. Coax-connectors are a standard part, which is great, since SMA and RP-SMA connectors are only rated for around 500 insertions. At one insertion per workday, they'll need replacement around every two years.