Project Goals for 2017

Written 2017-04-02


Implement /proc/usbstats

Ever since building ioload, I have wished I could see bus throughput for more busses than just storage. /proc/usbstats is a file similar to /proc/diskstats that enables tracking of bytes and packets per second to and from USB devices. This is quite helpful for USB performance monitoring, as well as providing a middle-ground for debugging between raw USB packet capture and no metrics at all.

Analyze transmitter differences between KCUR and KPR.

I suspect KCUR has weak pre-emphasis in their FM-transmitter, based on differences with KPR, another public radio station, as well as with their online broadcast. This analysis will be done with an audio spectrum analyzer, as well as two RTL-SDR dongles.

Kenwood USB Radio Control.

The Kenwood radio control project resurfaces with another iteration and a new hardware platform. Previously built on FTDI USB FIFOs and a pile of discrete logic, Cypress makes an 8051-based microcontroller capable of implementing both Z80 CPU FIFOs as well as the status and reset registers of the Intel 8251 UART. This will be a much cleaner and more manufacturable design.