Quarters In My Change Jar

Written 2018-01-01

Tags:Statistics Math 


To evaluate the feasibility of an upcoming project, I needed to know the approximate distribution of quarters in circulation in the local area. Upon filling my change jar, I filtered out the quarters and counted them. There were 102 quarters.

Trial was repeated 5 days later with 400 quarters from a local bank, then another 400 quarters and results were summed.

By Year

102 Quarters502 Quarters901 Quarters
ByYear ByYear502 ByYear901
By year the data is a little hard to digest.

By Decade

102 Quarters502 Quarters901 Quarters
ByDecade ByDecade502 ByDecade901
By binning the data into a point per decade we can get a clearer picture. I think there are a few possible effects here, but the data is so noisy I wouldn't claim anything:

Other work

Rhett Allain at wired has a similar piece up.