ANKR Bluetooth Tracker Hacks

Written 2018-05-31

Tags:BLE ANKR Bluetooth 


ANKR makes a neat little device you can clip on your keychain and make your keys beep from your phone. You can also make your phone ring by pressing a button on the keychain device.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Hacking

Download the APK for the ANKR app, unpack it with apktool, and grep the smali disassembly for 'java/util/UUID'. com/bleon/ankrmanager/Bluetooth/NordicBasedDevice/NordicBeaconDevice.smali contains the following handy Bluetooth service and characteristic UUIDs: Funny enough, if we write a nonzero byte between 0 and 10(0xA) to the buzzer characteristic, the device emits that number of beeps. From this, it's trivial to develop an app or nRF52 based device that scans for the ANKR Custom Service and causes them all to beep.