Repairing my JVC GY-HM700 after blowing a fuse

Written 2019-11-13

Tags:JVC Fuse GY-HM700 camcorder 

After a long day, I plugged my camera into it's power cord to change some settings back. I had the bright idea to plug in the battery charger cable into the battery as well. The next day, the battery was fully charged, but the camera wouldn't run without the hardline power cord - the battery input appeared dead.

After contacting several repair shops and getting quotes for several hundred dollars, it seemed the camera might be toast, until I found the service manual online.

In the service manual, I could see the battery was connected to the REG board, which had three fuses soldered to it.

After removing the battery, battery mount, and rear door, I could see the REG board, and the fuses. Fuses F2 and F3 were intact, but F1 had blown.

As soon as I placed an ammeter across F1, the camera booted right up!

Next stop is a visit to PacParts to order the replacement fuse.