Kenwood IF-10 cable connector found!

Written 2019-07-08

Tags:Kenwood Ham Radio 

About five years ago, I emailed Kenwood support looking for the right connector to interface an IF-10 card to a Kenwood radio. Kenwood support sent over the following for PacParts:
Mfg             Part No             Description                    Price QTY     Total
Kenwood         E31-3333-05         Conn W/Lead 7P                 $6.95   1     $6.95   *** 90 Day Warranty 

Kenwood         E31-3334-05         Conn W/Lead 9P                 $7.64   1     $7.64   *** 90 Day Warranty 
These are actually cable assemblies, with a housing and pins ready for soldering on one end, and, thanks to Bob Brown(WØNQX) and William Morris and a little sleuthing on DigiKey, I now know to be a JST-EH series, one each of both 9 and 7 pins: I've ordered some and the corresponding crimp pins, and hopefully will be on my way to controlling my radio via USB soon.