Game:Pickin' Duino

Written 2012-01-02

Tags:Arduino NTSC Potentiometers Game Video Pickin' Sticks PAL 

Rachel and Jestin, of CCCKC fame, pointed me toward a library named arduino tv-out, which is a software modulator for NTSC and PAL video signals. Rachel wrote a game long ago, called Pickin' Sticks. Pickin' Duino is an implementation of Pickin Sticks on Arduino. The game itself is pretty simple - there is one player, and one other item on the screen, a bundle of sticks. Move your character to the sticks to gain a point. Oh no, more sticks appeared. Eventually I set the score to 'WIN' at some point when you've been playing far too long.

Me and PickinSticks

Tada! Also, I didn't have a controller to interface to the arduino, so instead I wrote a simple screen-saver like guidance system. Here's a long exposure:
Ooh, look at that AI!

And that's about it. Eventually I intend to add a real controller, but for now I'm going to use two potentiometers.