Project: pyGNU

Written 2012-01-02

Tags:GNU Python Programming Languages python pyGNU 

pyGNU is a reimplementation of the GNU coreutils in Python.  Python is a fun language, and happens to have a pretty nice OS abstraction package, named 'os'. When combined with the 'sys' package, most coreutils are pretty straightforward to implement in Python. 

I thought this would be a simple way to learn a little more Python. But I've come to an interesting realization about my programming over time. When I was young, to solve a problem I'd choose a simple language, like basic on my Apple II. As I became older, I would do more projects in the language I knew best, C/C++. Now, I usually pick the language that involves the least amount of typing.

Python's for-iterator syntax, sets, lists, and preexisting packages make it a joy to write. Many of the pyGNU programs aren't quite done yet, but all the programs are usable. If you know python, feel free to add a few more.