DroneView WiFi Camera, Part 2

Written 2016-12-29

Tags:DroneView WiFi 

This one time, I recharged my drone

A second pass at the previous post.


Ran through Mirai password list. No luck.


This THTTPD does not appear to be vulnerable to directory traversal, or was appropriately jailed.


Only four screws. Remove microSD before starting teardown. Be careful not to damage flex cable to image sensor. Once ready to remove PCB, must follow plastic posts through PCB, similar alignment for reinstallation.

Top Case



Neatly tucked into top-case. A bit surprised they used a connector rather than a chip or PCB antenna here.

PCB Side A

This side has the HiSilicon Hi3518 CPU, as well as what appears to be a serial flash, and a four pin UART! I smell a local rootshell.

PCB Side B

This side has power components and the WiFi radio - a radio module design is interesting. It would be cheaper in bulk to integrate directly.

Next Steps