2002 Toyota Highlander Mid Dome Light Access

Written 2021-01-09

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Access to the mid dome light on 2001-2004 Toyota Highlanders is pretty straightforward, but changing is a little tricky. Tools Needed:

Removal of the lens

There's a simple slot to place your lever on the passenger side of the lens. Insert lever into slot and leve until the lens pops down.


Removed lens

Two ends of the lens have tabs holding it in.



Under the lens

The bulb goes horizontally(oriented left-to-right on the vehicle). The bulb is held by two springs with holes in them. If you simply push on the bulb one way or the other, the opposite spring will follow it making it difficult to remove. By using one hand to push the bulb one way to compres one spring and a stubby flathead screwdriver to compress the other spring, you can then rotate the free-end of the bulb past the spring held by the screwdriver. This photo is rotated, and a poor shot, but you can see the springs at the ends of the bulb.


Replacement bulb

Model of bulb: DE3175

Dimensions of one sample of bulb:


Replacement of lens

The lens may be a little tough to get back into place. I suspect it is easier to reinstall if you put it in passenger-side first.