Velleman VTSS5 vs Weller WE1010

Written 2021-02-03


For a long time, I've had a Velleman VTSS5, open-loop, adjustable soldering station. At work I've used closed-loop Metcal and Weller stations, but I don't often solder at work. I wanted a closed-loop iron at home, but couldn't justify it for the rare soldering I do. This winter though, I found a Weller WE1010 for 1/3 off at CargoLargo, a local consignment and resale shop.

characteristicVelleman VTSS5Weller WE1010
street price$25$110
heating timea few minutes~30 seconds
cord flexstiffermore flexible
cord diameterthickerthinner
iron power50W70W
iron gripfirmersofter
iron weightheavierlighter

The Weller is much more expensive, but only when I had them side by side did I notice just how much nicer it was. Just the lighter iron and more flexible cord is a huge improvement in ergonomics. The cord is more flexible and thinner, yet caries more 40% more power. The increased power and I suspect less metal to heat results in faster heating time. Closed loop control means tips will last longer too.