modifiying mp2307 buck converter boards

Written 2021-08-15

Tags:DCDC power 

I was using some Mini360 DCDC buck converter modules to power raspbery pis when I noticed their output was a little noisy. On the bench with a 5ohm resistive load drawing about an amp, the output ripple was around 950mv, which is quite bad.

MP2307 Buck Converter Mod

The upper two circles(red and yellow) are connected to the input voltage - I added a 10uF capacitor to each, which helped lower the input switching noise. The yellow circles are unpopulated pads, one for input and one for output. I added a 10uF capacitor to the pads in the lower yellow circle, and stacked three more 10uF capacitors around it.

I used 0805 capacitors, but the yellow pads were probably for 0603 parts - this makes them a little tricky to connect. The existing capacitor under the purple was larger than an 0805.

The final result was about 150mV of ripple at 1A - much better but still not great.