Opening and Getting Console on AT&T U-Verse 3800HGV-B

Written 2011-01-28

Tags:Console VDSL CCCKC U-Verse ATT AT&T Serial 

How to open your 3800HGV-B: First push in the plastic tabs on each side of the case and prop with a plastic knife. There are two tabs per side.
Open Here

Halfway there.
ATT U-Verse 3800HGV-B

Here's the top case now removed.
3800HGV-B Top Case

This is the bottom case and PCB.
U-Verse 3800HGV-B Bottom case and PCB

What an interesting little 4-pin header. Could it be Power, Ground, TX, and RX?
What's this do?

It is indeed serial, running 3.3Volts@38400Baud. Pinout from top/rightmost pin should be power, serial from unit to pc, serial from pc to unit, ground. Power and ground might be swapped.
This is the 3800HGV-B serial header

These next shots are some console output. Sadly I forgot to enable logging, so I only have pictures.
ATT U-Verse 3800HGV-B

ATT U-Verse 3800HGV-B