SecKCoin Bulk Mining

Written 2016-08-21

Tags:SecKCoin LiteCoin SecKC 

Our local are security club, SecKC, started a cryptocurrency. Some hilarity ensued.

SecKCoin Mining

This is a screenshot of running one Gridseed G-BLACK Scrypt Miner against the SecKCoin network. Not only was I lucky enough to capture this screenshot at an appropriate time, but in this screenshot I control 100 immature coins. SecKCoin's confirmation time is 100 coins, so not only do I have 100 coins waiting for me, nobody else had any coins waiting for them either.

Project Idea: ioload

Written 2016-08-08

Tags:iotop nload htop ioload 

Someday, I would like to combine the disk throughput statistics from iotop with the per-device plotting from nload. It would look a little something like:


Honeywell WiFi Packet Captures

Written 2016-08-02


Data headed to the cloud

Do you see the problem?


TCP port 443 is reserved for HTTPS, which consists of HTTP tunneled over a secured SSL or TLS pipe. However, Honeywell uses something...else. We can plainly see there is no SSL/TLS handshake here, only what appears to be a request to the server and immediate response.

Data coming back from the cloud


Perhaps they hoped nobody would look if they used port 443.