Windows 2000 Pro Embedded

Written 2016-11-12

Tags:Windows Windows 2000 

Weirdly, wikipedia does not believe Windows 2000 Embedded exists,A decision was made to bypass Windows 2000.


You can also watch it boot in VMware.

There are point-of-sale systems running it.

Intel has sample drivers for it.

MDS Pacific has firmware updates for it.

2016 Road Trip Photos

Written 2016-11-12

Tags:Chicago Bismarck Wyoming Minnesota Denver Illinois Cannon Ball Idaho West Yellowstone Wisconsin Kansas Montana Yellowstone NoDAP Billings North Dakota Kirksville Nebraska Missouri Bozeman Madison Colorado Minneapolis 

3500 Miles - photos are up below:

Project: ioload

Written 2016-11-05

Tags:nload ioload 

Last night, I started writing ioload, an nload-like program that monitors per-disk iops and bandwidth. Here is the first functional result:


I picked the /proc/diskstats interface to disk stats on Linux purely because it was the first. There is also an in interface under /sys/block/*/stat that gives a per-disk view directly. Upstream nload supports both procfs and sysfs on Linux.

Future work:

Patches Welcome.